Providing Equine Sports Massage Therapy
  in Central and Eastern North Carolina and Southern Virginia

Massage therapy is helpful for all horses-
Seniors, trail horses to high level performance horses.
If you are experiencing any of the following issues consistantly:
Massage therapy may be able to help.  You should see immediate improvement in flexibility and movement.  Overall performance and willingness should improve as well.

Renaissance Equine Therapy

Darlene Flanagan, CEMT
Located near Elm City, NC
Equine Sports Massage Therapy for your equine partner. 
Photonic Light Therapy is used in conjuction with Massage Therapy where indicated.
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Services provided to Equine Rescues and  Equine Therapy programs free of charge as availability allows.

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How Can Massage Therapy Help?

Brings oxygen and nutrients to muscles which generates new cells and produces energy and exports toxins
Breaks down knots and contracted muscle fibers which improves muscle quality and gives more balanced, efficient muscle action
Muscles that are performing efficiently mean less pain, which equals better performance and willingness.
Quality muscle tissue supports tendons and ligaments and helps prevent injury.
Quicker recovery from workouts and a readiness to work means a more willing horse
Improves joint mobility and increases range of motion.

Photonic Light Therapy can be used in conjuction with massage therapy to reduce swelling and speed healing.